Hey Belligies! We’re looking for some of your precious feedback so we made a google doc form! Go fill it out! Bonus points if you’re drinking a cold one while filling it out and post about it on Social Media.

Thank you!

Woo woo! We just got approved for the SoundCloud Podcast Feed program. You can now add our podcast to your favorite Podcast app by simply adding this URL manually :

We’re new to this sort of thing so be sure to email us at, join us on our subreddit or comment below.

On our first podcast we mentioned a list of Movies that Edwin has yet to see and should have watched by now. Here’s the list and we’ll keep track of it as he catches up with the rest of Humanity.

Star Wars
A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Attack of the Clones
The Revenge of the Sith
Return of the Jedi

Quentin Tarantino Movies
Four Rooms
Reservoir Dogs 8/10 (Episode 3)
Pulp Fiction 9/10 (Episode 2)
Inglourious Basterds 5/10 (Episode 5)

Flash Gordon
Batman : Under The Red Hood
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Vampire in Brooklyn
Children Of Men
Snatch 8/10 (Episode 6)

Hey all our great fans out there! All zero of you. Look at you, all sexy like. We’ll be recording our first podcast in a pair of weeks and releasing them weekly.

What day will they be getting released? Who knows, we’re new to this and I’m sure they’ll be terribly unorganized for a while. But for now be sure to follow our twitter or this site for updates, posts, news, pics annnnd other things. Mmmm things.


Edward “Slunk” D.

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