GB Podcast 067 – Dewayne Vs Logic

Getting Belligerent Podcast
Getting Belligerent Podcast
GB Podcast 067 - Dewayne Vs Logic

Heyoooo Homies! What it do? We’re back with some more podcast love for your ear holes. Listen to our latest episode where we talk about :

  • Dewayne vs 2k, new GB Show
  • The NBA Bubble and Sports in General
  • Bungie Delays Destiny 2 Update
  • Logic quits Rapping, gets signed by Twitch
  • Dog Attacks 6 year old, bites Hero
  • What’s on? Palm Springs on Hulu, Boy from Taika Waitit, Daria, Walther Mercado, Assasination Classroom, Extreme Rules WWE

Thank you so much for listening!

Music by : M’boup (@sal_ee_uu on instagram)

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